Science Sample Papers – An Ideal Resource To Crack the ICSE Exam

With a little more than three months to go for the ICSE exams, students must be well prepared by this time about their schedules and methods of study. Just as the festive season kicks in, the exam fever sets too. The sole mantra to get you through any examination is – practice, practice, practice. This is all the more applicable for science subjects where potent help in available in the form of science sample papers.

Science sample papers are a very supportive resource to help you sail through your ICSE exams. This is mainly because the main motive behind making these papers is to test your knowledge of how much you have committed to memory. An ideal way of approaching a sample paper is to study 2-3 topics at a time and then attempt the questions based on them. This way you can test your conceptual depth and be aware of your lacking. Slowly, when you think you have got the grasp of the subject, you can attempt answering the whole sample test paper at a single go.

There is a very important aspect to answering a sample paper which many people ignore – the time factor. Once you sit down you answer a paper, leave only when you are done with it. It helps to manage your time during your actual ICSE exams. For example, for a 3 hour paper, if you solve it in 3 attempts with a break after every hour; you will never know your actual performance levels and this will affect you during your board examinations.

If you are appearing for any other board exams, solving science sample papers is still a good idea. This is because the basic concepts remain the same irrespective of the board. However, if you are appearing for a Tamil Nadu board exam or any other state board exam, and are preparing from a central board sample paper, a wise idea would be to recheck on your syllabus before solving the whole sample paper. This is important because though the basic concepts remain the same, the syllabus is different from one board exam to another. And so what is relevant in the Tamil Nadu board exam may not even be a part of the syllabus in an ICSE exam paper.

However, before you attempt any of this, the very first thing that one must do as a part of exam preparations is to prepare a time table. And strict adherence to this is crucial despite of distractions like parties, festivals, holidays, vacations etc. Set out time everyday from your daily routine to make sure that you are following your time table to the T and no one can stop you from passing with flying colors.

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